Interview with Yoga Teacher: Dr. Yolanda I. Rodriguez, DDS

Interview with Yoga Teacher Dr. Yolanda I. Rodriguez

I just wanted to thank everyone who has come by to listen to my first podcast on Today I have Dr. Yolanda I. Rodriguez, DDS who practiced dentistry in Mexico for many years, and decided to take a leap of faith, and make passion for Yoga her career.  She has been doing Yoga for 32 years and instructing for the past 28.

How to Change Your Drupal (Bartik) Logo (Picture)

If you're like me, you are fine with the Drupal Bartik theme, but get tired of looking at the drupal logo:

Drupal Bartik Logo

You can easily change it - mind you it will come back when you update Drupal, by swapping out this file with your own:


Alternate Profile Pic

Shredlights - Lights for your Skateboard


I saw the Shredlights - headlights (or taillights) for skateboards in the Summer 2014 issue of 360, the SDSU magazine.

Text ASCII Art Generator

My favorite text ASCII art generator site is:


Boot HP-UX in Single-User Mode

You can boot an HP-UX (Hewlett Packard UNIX) machine into single-user mode as follows:


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