YouTube Monetization Experiment Passes $6 Mark

YouTube Monetization Experiment Passes $6 Mark

My YouTube Monetization experiment that I started on 4 July 2014, has just passed the $6 mark.  I had seen a week ago that I was nearing $5, but I guess I missed that milestone.  

So looking at the metrics, it looks like I'm making nearly $1 for every 1000 views.  So a little over 6000 views since July and a little over $6 in earnings.  Cool.  Now I just need to get those numbers up.  

I have a total of 700+ videos, but most of them are family, and not targeted for high view count of course.  Also my lifetime view count is 180,000+ and that would be only $180 or so over a number of years, so that historic view count doesn't really factor in.  

The goal will be to add educational, entertaining or empowering (sound like Tony Robbins?) content to generate views...


Skype Call Recording Software

Skype Audio Recorders

Just installed three Skype call recoding software packages on Windows 8.1 with the following results...

1) Pamela - FAIL - installed and immediately told me it would not work without purchasing a key

2) MP3 Call Recorder - FAIL - installed and did not launch as a user.  Had to launch it as an Administrator (dangerous) and it hung.

3) Amolto Call Recorder - PASS - it worked!  Easy to use, found it on the Skype support page, "How can I record my Skype calls?".

Still on the lookout for the best free tool.  Any suggestions?


3 Strategies for Passing any IT Certification (Your Employer will thank you)

3 Strategies for Passing any IT Certification

Employers currently require new hires and now incumbents to have or get IT certifications.  Despite the pain of getting a cert, it's worth it for a few key reasons:  

  • Landing a new job/keeping the one you have
  • New knowledge gained
  • Identifying what you don't know
  • Pay raises 

The top certifications that I've seen being required in order are:

  • CompTIA Security+
  • Microsoft MCITP
  • Oracle Solaris (OCA)
  • Microsoft MCSA
  • VMware VCA
  • CompTIA Linux+

In order to pass any IT test with Prometric/Vue, you must have knowledge of the material, and - and this is key - you must have an understanding of the test. 

Bottom line: if you don't know the material, you have next to no chance when it comes to answering a question if they requires you to synthesize new information.  Memorization alone, is a recipe for disaster.

Memorization alone, is a recipe for disaster.

My 3 strategies for passing any IT certification:

  1. Buy the best USED book on the topic and read it cover-to-cover.  Be careful not to but the oldest/cheapest edition from Amazon, but the current book, just used,'s cheaper than new.
  2. Study for no longer than 1 month, and take that test!
  3. Use Visual CertExam for Desktop or Mobile (I use Mobile, I find it way easier to study from, and I always have my Andoid phone).  Use the the best VCE file to study from.  My criterial are newest and most votes.  Here's how:
    • Search for your test on - note this is a pay site, so just search for the test here.  We'll locate the Security+ page for example:  
    • Now find the CVE study test with the most votes, and copy the file name only.  (Example:  
    • Next, search for that file on Google, and download it from a free site, and scan for viruses.  (Google returned 31 hits) 


25th Annual Blackberry Festival

25th Annual Blackberry Festival

May have blackberry overload...just returned from the waterfront in Bremerton at the 25th Annual Blackberry Festival.  Had the blackberry pie & blackberry swirl icecream served by the local Bremerton Kiwanis, the Hummingbird Hill blackberry soda, and blackberry wine, but also a juicy pulled pork sandwich and washed it all down with a cappuccino.

Picked up a handmade pen of turned bloodwood fro DJ's Pens, and some blackberry wine from Pasek Cellars.

There was a little drizzle, but that didn't seem to bother the band or the old timers dancing to the music.

Hack your Hotel Coffee Maker to Brew Starbucks (Hint: Results without the cost)

Hack your Hotel Coffee Maker to Brew Starbucks (Hint: Results without the cost)

In this video, I'll show you how to hack your hotel coffee maker to brew Starbucks.  I'm using the Cafe Valet by Courtesy Products coffee and maker.  I use a Melita filter #2, with ground Starbucks. 


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